If you want to conquer the heights you must first reach BaseCamp

Learn how to make your business leaner and fitter so you can grow your business - fast

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Work less AND make more money when your business works better

As a business owner I’m sure you are constantly on the lookout for anything that might help you improve your business. Do you want to:

  • Make more profit
  • Attract more customers
  • Free up your time
  • Build strong alliances with other business owners

Business BaseCamp is the launching off point for your business success. But just like on an Everest expedition getting to BaseCamp is no simple matter. It takes dedication, consistent effort and a qualified guide. But when you get there you are lean and fit and prepared to take on the ultimate challenge.

A business that reaches this level is stable and healthy and ready to push on to new heights.

This programme will make your
business leaner and fitter
Business BaseCamp is for you if:
  • The world seems to be changing faster than you can keep up
  • You can get caught up in the day to day grind and watch as important opportunities continue to pass you by
  • You are not seeing the results you expected when you started or perhaps were even getting a few years ago
  • Your team and others you rely on are not pulling their weight so you are working harder than you should
  • You feel like the Business is actually driving you, not you it
Do you ever feel like a hamster having to
run faster and faster in a never ending wheel?

On the other hand, perhaps your business is doing great but you sometimes feel a bit isolated:

  • Everyone is looking to you for answers and you have no one to turn to
  • You sometimes feel stuck and don’t know what to do next
  • You feel the weight of responsibility on your shoulders
  • Not just your family but your employees and their family are relying on you to make the right decisions
Have you ever caught yourself thinking or saying
“no one ever taught me how to run a business”?
So what is the business BaseCamp programme?

It is a 12 month programme that teaches you the essential business principles and skills to prepare you for ultimate success in your business.

Month by month you will learn, practice and implement fundamental business skills. The learning materials are provided online in weekly bite-sized chunks so you can access them at a time and place that suits you.

Each month you will join a small group of like-minded business owners who together with your expert group leader will support and challenge you to apply the skills you learn in your own business so you grow your business as you learn.

The programme will give you a safe and confidential environment to learn, practice, implement and review new business skills so you can build a solid business foundation.

As you learn the skills you will also apply them step by step in your business so it gets better as you learn
What does BaseCamp include?

BaseCamp Covers all critical aspects of business including:

  • Getting control and keeping control using your own personal business dashboard
  • Clarifying and polishing your business story and creating a magnetic marketing machine
  •  Learning modern selling techniques ensuring trusting, happy and contented customers
  • Delivering excellent customer service that generates repeat business and glowing referrals
  • Freeing up your time to focus on your priorities
  • And ultimately, becoming the leader your business needs to guide it to profits and success in turbulent times

You’ll Access the learning the material in the special members area  in weekly bite-sized chunks so you can absorb it in a relaxed manner.

Month by month you will apply the material to your own business through the exercises, quizzes and checklists

  • Top quality cutting edge material based on recent research and real world experience
  • A combination of video, audio, reading and practical exercises with all supporting materials included
  • Delivered in bite-sized chunks so you can access the material at a time and place that suits you
  • Start applying the learning in your business immediately and get real results fast
  • Building month by month so your business improves as you learn
  • Focussing on what’s really relevant to local business owners
  • It’s results based,  not rehashed, out of date text book material, or over-hyped opinions
BaseCamp delivers practical results-focused learning based on   8 years of experience working with Yorkshire business owners

The online learning material is just one part of the BaseCamp programme.

The BaseCamp “Secret Sauce”  is  monthly group based learning. This is what sets BaseCamp apart from other ordinary  training and coaching programmes and makes it so successful.

Group Based Learning for Business Owners

The monthly group learning sessions are at the heart of the BaseCamp programme.  This is where you will share your experience of applying the learning in your own business. It’s a chance to help and be helped as we share and discuss the problems and triumphs reported by the members:

  • You’ll be working with a team of like-minded business owners
  • Building trusting relationships and learning together
  • Helping others by sharing your wins and what has worked for you
  • Discussing with the other group members  will deepen your  understanding of the material and absorb the underlying principles so you own them and be able to apply them forever
  • Reporting your progress against your goals and lettin your peers help keep you on track
  • Learning and practicing critical questioning and coaching techniques that will boost your effectiveness in all your relationships
  • Creating your own mastermind group to support and encourage you to build your business for years to come
  • Creating lasting business alliances and building your local referral network
You will leave the group sessions with greater clarity on the core concepts and techniques and the confidence to implement the lessons into your own business.
“When I joined the group I was initially a bit reticent and perhaps a little bit intimidated but my confidence increased once I got to know the other members and we started sharing our experiences.

I quickly realised that we were all in the same boat and had the same sort of challenges regardless of what industry we were in. As business owners we wear many different heads and it isn’t always clear what we should do next. We can’t talk to our team, our suppliers or even our family without risking sounding weak or indecisive.

I have found it really useful to be able to use the group as a sounding board. I get great support and a deeper understanding of the principles taught so I can apply them in my business.

Sue Savill Party Fever
“I first contacted Steve Scholey with a tentative enquiry at a time when I was wary of any additional expenditure within my business

However, after an initial meeting it soon became apparent that we were talking about an expert business coaching programme that was going to deliver real results and a significant return on investment.

The decision to join the programme was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Steve is great to work with, is a great listener and gives expert objective advice that seems to provide instant clarity.

The programme itself provides a systematic look at every aspect of your business and clearly outlines the actions needed to improve the business. We recovered the course fee and then some after only 3 months, and went on to double our turn-over in the following 12 months!

David Grant Allbright Group
The BaseCamp Programme is designed to deliver fantastic results for busy business owners
What is the investment for BaseCamp?

If you have got this far you are probably wondering what the investment is to secure your place on the next programme.

The programme is just £237 (+VAT) per month payable by Direct Debit

I’m not going to do any silly “for a limited time only” type sales technique because when you compare this investment with the alternatives you will see what great value it represents.

The BaseCamp Programme combines the best elements of…

  • business coaching
  • bespoke training
  • business consultancy
  • business networking

…to create something that is unique and very powerful.

One to one business coaching starts at over £1000 per month and you can easily invest £5000 or more in a bespoke training course. So it’s easy to see the amazing value of the Business BaseCamp Programme.

In any other profession you’d expect to have to invest in your education and keep investing to maintain your skills. So why not invest to be a professional business owner

And remember, this is a business building programme so you decide what return on investment you require – 2x, 5x, 10x – and your learning group will help you achieve it.

The next programme is scheduled to start in September

The maximum effective size for a learning group is no more than 10 people and it is also important that we get the right mix of people in the group

So places are genuinely limited

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme and seeing if it is right for you and you are right for it
Click on the link below to register your interest and I’ll be in touch


I look forward to talking to you soon

Steve Scholey



Frequently Asked Questions
What is the process?

First you will sit down with the group leader to define your goals and set your targets.  You’ll decide the return on investment that you want to achieve – 2times, 5 times…10 times? You decide and set your goals accordingly

You will Learn how to create a learning process that suits you: how to free up small blocks of time in your busy schedule to set aside for learning and how to create a schedule and rituals so you actually apply  what you learn to grow your business.

You’ll Access the learning material in weekly bite-sized chunks so you can absorb it in a relaxed manner.  And month by month you will apply the material to your own business through the exercises, quizzes and checklists

You will attend Monthly meetings with your fellow group members to share  your experiences and deepen your learning

How does it work?

The programme works by isolating the critical principles and skills needed to run a successful business in turbulent times. These are broken down into bite-sized chunks over a 12 month period so you can learn them at your own pace in a way that suits you.  That way you avoid the problem of overwhelm and actually apply what you learn in your business.  The monthly group learning sessions are a way to consolidate your learning and build a supportive network of like-minded people.

What if I don’t have time?

We recognise that all small business owners are busy but sometimes that busyness actually has a major detrimental impact on the business.  The ironic this is that applying the principles taught on the programme will actually free up time.  The programme is delivered in small step-by-step chunks to make it easy to implement.  And one of the first things we do is help you identify and schedule small time slots so you can focus on applying the learning so you can get your business working harder so you don’t need to.

How do I know that it will work for me?

The programme teaches universal principles and skills  that apply to all businesses.  These form a solid foundation on which to build a fantastic business.  Other courses may focus on short-term,  industry specific or flavour-of-the-month tactics but we don’t which is why we know it works for everyone.

Do I have to commit to 12 months?

The material is spread over 12 months to make it easier to learn and implement without creating overwhelm for busy business owners.   It builds month-by-month so to get the full benefit of the programme you will ideally need to commit to the full year.  However we don’t lock you in so if circumstances change you just give us 1 months notice and withdraw.

Are there any guarantees?

I can guarantee that the material will be relevant and up to date and will be delivered in a way that makes it as easy as possible for you to implement it into your business so you see real results. I can also guarantee that I will help you set specific goals in the initial goal setting session (see above) so you have a plan and a suitable learning schedule to achieve the return on investment that you want from the programme.  And  I can guarantee that I and your group peers will do everything we can to help you achieve those goals.  But, in the end I can’t guarantee that you will actually implement it – that is up to you.

I’m just starting my business is it any good for me?

The programme teaches universal principles and skills that apply to all businesses so it is perfect for start-up businesses.  The sooner you learn and apply the fundamental skills the better your business chances.

I’ve already got a reasonably successful business is it any good for me?

The programme teaches universal principles and skills that apply to all businesses so it is perfect for established businesses. There is an old adage that it isn’t what you know it’s what you do that matters.  This programme will help you (and your team) apply the fundamentals in your business to ensure its continuing success no matter what challenges come your way in these turbulent times

What if I need the content scheduled for later in the programme immediately

This is a syllabus based programme and the material is designed to build month-by-month in a way that will suit the vast majority of businesses.  Stephen Covey called it “the speed of going slow”.  If you have a specific need that hasn’t yet been covered you can get advice from your learning group and talk to the group leader.    The group leader will be able to identify other resources or courses that will help (there may be an additional investment for these)

Isn’t this just glorified networking?

The only similarity is that you meet a group of business owners regularly and as you get to know them there is a very good chance that you will receive referrals.  Beyond that they are like chalk and cheese.  The group learning sessions are designed and run to get to the heart of the challenges you face and help you overcome them.  The relationships made at networking can be quite superficial.  The relationships made in group learning are deep, trusting and long lasting.

Who is behind this programme?

My name is Steve Scholey and I’ve spent my working life helping people to implement change to grow their business.  I’m fascinated by psychology and what makes people tick and how to get them to change.  More specifically why some people fail to make changes that they know will help them. In the first part of my career I led major change programmes in large businesses and for the past 8 years I have worked directly with owner/managers of small businesses.